Lemon Dress

Lemon Dress

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    About the product

    Add sweet flair to her everyday style with this Lemon Dress. This adorable dress will make your girl a star of any summer picnic or a garden party!

    Just imagine that moment when she is walking in the garden and pick up flowers for you! That moment could last forever...

    If you decide to post your girl picture in this beautiful dress with freshly picked flowers imagine how many likes you will get on Instagram! Other moms will feel jealous that your girl looks so cute!

    Includes: Dress

    Urban Baby Clothes - not for everyone!

    Those clothes are not for everyone! It is devoted for those who want to see their children to wear exceptional, cute clothes that will make other people around them amazed and jealous at the same time!

    People who buy from us feel different! They feel that the only way to make their baby exceptional in this identical world is through modern, cute, well-designed clothes that would take others breath out.

    Picture it… You are having a party in the backyard on a warm Summer day. Garden is fulfilled with garlands and the balloons. 🎈
    Your husband cook mouthwatering burgers while some kids are taking sack race on the green grass. Others eat crunchy, creamy chocolate cake with a glass of lemonade. 🍔🥤
    Your little princess twirling around in this wonderful, detailed, hand-sewn dress… elegantly accessorized with a giant patterned bow. 👗
    All the people stop do what they do and keep their eyes on her. Everyone smiles and You want this moment to last forever. There are no questions who is the star of the party...
    Definitely, the pictures you get will make for memories that you would share on her wedding and all of you will feel nostalgic…

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